Atun By The New Investors Single Review

The New Investors are a lightweight, Dutch “popadelic” band. Their new single, Atun, leading into their debut album, is named for the Spanish word for tuna after a goofy incident in the famous Cavern Club involving the drummer’s loose grasp of the Spanish language. Or maybe they just like tuna and making shit up. It’s pretty clear these guys are out to have some fun.

Their promotional materials are fond of the word breezy, and it’s hard to argue. The closest thing to aggression comes from some single note jangling. If anything Atun sounds like what one might play in a 60s/70s parody television show to demonstrate that the club they’re hanging out is really hip. It’s slow jazz sax pinings and copacabana beat pretty well have the modern disregard for genre down. It’s the kind of hip “ahead of its time but still period appropriate” vibe you want to set in your swanky, period parody hang out.
The more aggressive jangling is often paired with some surf style bass, which is much appreciated. Perhaps if Man, Or Astroman! played cabana club disco this is what would result. No word on any time travelers in The New Investors however.

This is good music for doing things, anything really. Cooking, cleaning, driving, put it on and bounce around, bob your head, maybe pull out the air guitar a select few times. There’s beats and fun for days, but not too much of it sticks or transports. Which isn’t to say that every band has to drag you through the psych stew test kitchen to earn a -delic or psych- in their self-assigned genre label. They aren’t exactly forging new boundaries, but they aren’t doing a slavish retread either.

Your friends will dance and ask you who’s playing. You can make up whatever you want about the lyrics, because they’re in Dutch! Certainly your house will be cleaner than it’s ever been. This is a song, probably preceding a record, that’s made for cavorting to. It’s like whippits, quick, fun and silly, but without too much lasting effect, but on the upside, also no hangover. I’m sure some Piper at the Gates… fans can appreciate that.

You can stream the story so far here and hear for yourself:

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