Watch the Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Spot Here

Marvel released a new, 30-second spot for Infinity War during the game today, and despite its short length, there’s a lot packed in there.

Here’s the spot:

A couple of observations:

The Guardians (Plus Thor) Have a Really Strong Presence

For anyone (aka myself) who was worried that the cosmic side of things would be second-billed, this teaser seems to imply otherwise. The Guardians, Thor, or Loki are pretty much every other shot in this one, including this lovely one with Rocket, Thor, and a very disinterested teenage Groot:

And we’ve gotten our first look at Nebula in Infinity War:

Captain America Has a Pair of New “Shields”

Cap’s gotten a hold of a replacement for the shield he gave up in Civil War, and by the look of it, it’s very likely of Wakandan design (fitting since his first shield was made of Vibranium that was smuggled out of Wakanda).

The final “money shot” of the initial trailer is repeated in the Super Bowl spot, with the newly revealed shields much more prominently visible.

Extremis Armor?

One of the most intriguing shots of the teaser is of Tony Stark’s new armor, which appears to almost knit itself together on his body.

Fans have already pointed out some similarities between this armor, and the one Stark designed in the Extremis comic book arc. The “Model XXXII” was unique in that it featured a component called the Undersheath, which was actually stored within Stark’s bones. When activated, it exited through his pores to create a skin-like layer of armor over his entire body. This tech was worn underneath a more traditional suit of armor (albeit one that used nano-tech to make itself extremely portable).

The MCU version of this might not be going as far as embedding armor into Tony Stark’s skeleton, but it certainly looks like the idea of using nanobots to pull together a suit of Iron Man armor seemingly out of nowhere has made its way into this universe.

Thanos Has Scars, and Conspiracy Theories Are Running Wild

The spot ends with a close-up of Thanos’s face, and he’s sporting some very visible scarring.

Fans are already jumping to some very predictably unlikely theories, but before we go crazy, it’s worth noting that Thanos definitely has the scars in his appearance in the first trailer. It is maybe worth pointing out that they look a bit deeper in the new footage, but that could certainly be just the lighting, or more polished VFX. Let’s not go nuts!

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4.

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