Back to the Future Shoes (Power Laces Included) Will Be Available Later This Year

2015 is officially “the future,” at least according to Back to the Future II. And while we still don’t have flying cars or hoverboards, at least one piece of future-tech will be arriving this year.

Future Shoes

Nike has officially confirmed that Marty McFly’s shoes from Back to the Future II (Power Laces included) will be available to the public later this year.

The company didn’t reveal when the “Nike Air MAG” would be released, how much they would cost, or how they’ll be sold, but damn this is still exciting.

Blast from the Past

The shoes are, at the very least, four years in the making. A version of the Nike MAG, sans the self-lacing ability, was sold in 2011 as part of a charity partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Despite not having the one feature they had in the movie, the shoes definitely felt futuristic. They took six years to design, and were constructed from space age materials with an electroluminescent out-sole, powered by a rechargeable internal battery (making them the first rechargeable pair of footwear by Nike).

Just 1,500 total were made though, with some of the pairs eventually being auctioned off for more than $900,000. One can hope that this run will be a tad bit less exclusive (and expensive).

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