What Would Mad Max: Fury Road Have Looked Like In the 80’s?

Mad Max: Fury Road has garnered a ton of positive attention and it’s for good reason. Apparently though, at one time Mel Gibson might have been in Tom Hardy’s place.

During an interview with The Huffington Post, George Miller said Gibson was actually in line for the role years ago.

We were going to do it with Mel and we were within reach of doing it with Mel. Then 9/11 happened and the American dollar fell against the Australian dollar. The budget ballooned. … By the time we were ready for Fury Road again, Mel had all those troubles. It also definitely got to the stage where it wasn’t like Unforgiven, where it plays with an older guy. It was definitely the younger guy, the same guy.

It makes you wonder though, what would it have looked like if it had been released back then? It would have definitely been different — not 80’s different, mind you — but different nonetheless.

What Would Fury Road Have Looked Like In the 80’s?

We may never know what a version of Fury Road looks like with Mel Gibson at the helm. However, thanks to a trailer revamp from PLAYBACK Collective we will get a chance to see what the trailer might have looked like if it were created back in the 80s and distributed via VHS.

Check it out:

As the video description says:

With this trailer we dwelve into important questions, such as what would Fury Road’s color grading look like if this movie was shot on film in the late 70’s or early 80’s? Will there be synth music blasting in the background? Will Dario Argento do a special cut for Italy? We honestly don’t know! But it sure does look awesome.

What do you think? Would Fury Road have been a flop back in the 80’s?

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