Batman: Arkham Knight’s PS4 Exclusive Scarecrow Missions Look Terrifying

Let me be real here–I don’t care who you are, the creepy Scarecrow fear gas sequences from the original Batman: Arkham Asylum Game were the best part of the entire series of Batman games, bar none. So, when missions were announced for the PS4 at the Sony conference Sunday evening, the world shuddered in terror, thank God.

What Is This?

You just need to see it for yourself:

See that? The insanity? The creatures from hell?

While we have known these missions would be part of the game for a while, this trailer finally shows us just a bit of the PS4-exclusive missions available with Batman: Arkham Knight, slated for release later this month. If the original hallucinatory sequences were any indicator of what to expect, we can only wait.

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  1. The E3 trailer wasn’t from one of the Scarecrow PS4 nightmare missions. It’s literally the opening to the game.

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