Batman Makes Everything Better, Including Fifty Shades of Grey

Staying out all night wearing black, form-fitting outfits, hanging out with dubious characters who like to play dress up… How did we not see it sooner. Batman is seriously kinky.

YouTuber Josh Meeter created this impeccably deviant mash-up of Batman and Fifty Shades of Grey. According to the video description, the idea came to him after his wife explained what Fifty Shades is about. Not sure why the Caped Crusader is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about kinky sex, but hey, we’ll let the therapist work that one out.

To be perfectly honest though, I would watch the heck out of this movie if it existed. It’s about time someone explored Batman’s sex life!

Maybe Universal and Warner Bros. can work out some kind of deal. I mean, if they can combine the audiences for Fifty Shades and superhero movies, they would probably make all of the money that’s ever been printed.

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