Want Your Own Batsuit? Follow This Guy’s Design

Very few of us are rich enough or have an incredibly strong desire to become a vigilante and fight crime. Something a lot of us would probably like to have, though? A Batsuit. And not just a costume, but one that could be as protective and functional as the suit seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

One man, 21 year old Jackson Gordon, decided to make his own Batsuit, but not just to say he did it, but also to, as he explains it, “create an armored combat suit which would provide significant protection without sacrificing mobility.” An understandable goal, to be sure, because what use is a Batsuit if you can’t move around in it. You could pose it it, we suppose.

Anyway, Gordon succeeded after 5 months of hard work, and crafted his own suit made out of impact absorbing foam, Kevlar, and 1/4″ Kydex plating.

Of course, it’s not as intimidating as the Nolanverse’s version, or the ones in Batman vs. Superman, but as far as a real life version goes? It’ll get the job done.

Okay. Enough setup. How’s it look?

Jackson Gordon standing in his custom Batsuit

Hmm. Does it actually stop knives and offer real protection?

Yes! As Gordon and Co. demonstrate in the following video, the Batsuit defends its wearing from stabs and whatever combination of punches and kicks. And at just 25 pounds, it’s light enough for the costumed hero to run, jump and fight in. No idea about bullets, however.

How much would it cost to make one?

Gordon and his Armatus Designs company spent around $2,000, though a chunk of that came from Kickstarter. For a much cheaper $275, you can buy a combat cowl, which is just as cool. You can also reach out and put in a custom order, but make sure you have enough money to make it happen.

Can I get another look at the finished suit? 

Of course! Here you go!

Jackson Gordon in his custom Batsuit

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