Rumor: Batman Has Some Crazy Armor and Two Batmobiles in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

A few new Batman V. Superman rumors have been rumbling about the rumor-sphere lately, and if true, it sounds like the caped crusader is going to have one hell of a Batsuit.

We already knew that Ben Affleck’s Batman has an armored version of his suit, as it was featured in the Comic-Con teaser. We also know it’s drawing inspiration from the armor that Batman wore to fight Superman in The Dark Knight Returns comic.

What’s new is that apparently, the suit is going to be laced with Kryptonite for that extra anti-Supes angle, and will also have a missile launcher.

This is being reported by Batman News, who have been pretty reliable in the past. They cite a source who spoke with Ben Affleck’s trainer Rehan Jalali.

They also add that Batman has a more traditional Batsuit in addition tot he armored version, and that there will be two different Batmobiles as well.

Most importantly though, Ben Affleck has a shirtless scene in the movie as Bruce Wayne, which according to Batman News, really shows off his new physique. Apparently, Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is overlooking some kind of destroyed city, possibly Metropolis, and I don’t know, I guess it was hot out or something.

All I know is Batman’s armored suit sounds completely badass, which it really needs to be if the movie is going to be titled “Batman V. Superman.” Could the second Batmobile be for the same purpose?

We’ll find out when Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (I still hate that title) hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

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