Batman V. Superman Rumor: Robin May Make an Appearance, Has Already Been Cast

One of the most interesting pieces of the Batman V. Superman trailer that dropped during Comic-Con was confirmation on a rumor that had been circulating for months: that Batman’s sidekick Robin was dead, probably killed by the Joker.

The above image from the trailer shows what appears to be Robin’s suit in a display case/memorial, with a message from the Joker spray-painted onto it. So we know that Batman’s history with Joker and Robin will significantly inform his character in BvS (and may even be the reason he retired in the first place), but according to a new rumor… we may actually see this moment play out on-screen.

Will Robin be making an appearance in Batman V. Superman?

According to a report on Heroic Hollywood, we will indeed be seeing the Boy Wonder, in a flashback scene where he is killed by the Joker. If true, that might also mean we’ll be seeing Jared Leto’s Joker for the first time a little bit earlier than Suicide Squad (or perhaps the flashback scene will only deal with the aftermath of that confrontation).

Who will play him?

According to the same rumor, Robin will be played by Eli Snyder, the teenage son of director Zack Snyder. Eli is not a particularly experienced actor, but he has been featured twice before in his dad’s films (once as as a young Leonidas in 300, and again as a young Rorschach in Watchmen).

That leads me to think that this won’t be a huge scene (and may not even feature dialogue), just a brief flashback to an important moment in Bruce Wayne’s life. It might also be a good indication that Warner Bros. does not currently have any plans to explore the character of Robin further (in a prequel or similar), as otherwise, I think the studio would have pushed for a bigger name in the role.

How likely is this rumor to be true?

It’s hard to say, but it certainly doesn’t sound like a stretch. And for what’s it’s worth, set photographer Clay Enos teased this shortly after the post dropped:

#Repost @cruelfilms ・・・ Boy wonder?

A photo posted by Clay Enos (@clayenos) on

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