Star Wars Galactic Connexxions Guide: How to Collect All of the Force Friday Discs

Star Wars and collecting go together like Jedi and lightsabers, and in just a few days, fans are about to tear some stores apart as Episode VII merch hits the shelves on Force Friday.

If you really want to get your collectin’ on, Walmart will be exclusively hosting a collectible trading “disc” game called “Galactic Connexxions.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Walmart stores will open at 12:01 AM on Friday, September 4 at over 2,900 stores across the country (check ahead to make sure yours is participating).
  • As part of the event, these stores will be giving away packs of Galactic Connexxions discs.
  • The discs, designed by Topps, feature Star Wars characters from all six movies. They’re basically weird shaped trading cards.
  • They are also part of some kind of playable game. No details yet on how that works though.
  • This sounds like it may be an ongoing product outside of Walmart, but there are Force Friday exclusives.
  • On Force Friday, every customer will be given a pack of two random discs, including a “rare star field disc” that is exclusively available in these packs.
  • Certain stores will also host family events the following day (September 5), where more two disc packs will be distributed.
  • Finally, there will be four special redemption discs seeded into the packs, which can be redeemed for a 14 karat gold disc, and a “Star Wars room makeover.”

Here are images of some of these collectible discs:

star wars discs 1 star wars discs 2 star wars discs 3 star wars discs 4 star wars discs 5 star wars discs 6


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