Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Here’s All the Merch You Can Get Starting “Force Friday”

Get your first glimpse at your very own Kylo Ren mask.

Force Friday (September 4th) is quickly approaching, and luckily we now have our first full look at all the toys and costumes we’ll be able to play with. Or, if you’re a tasteful nerd… display with it still in the packaging in your living room.

So, what kind of stuff are they selling?

All kinds. We’re going to discuss some of our favorite here, but you can view every single piece in a gallery here.

So, what’s up first?

The First Order Star Destroyer


It keeps many of the same design attributes as the classic model, but it seems to lose the shield generator domes on top of the bridge. If you also look at the aft section, you’ll notice that the design is more of a slight diamond then a true triangle. Overall, it’s sleeker and a little more imposing than the star destroyers from the Galactic Civil War.

The Do-It-Yourself-Lightsaber


To everyone who made fun of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber when it was first seen, this one is for you. You can make some truly absurd creations that have no practical combat purposes, but you can use them to confound and annoy your friends.

No Old Luke


If you notice, all of the figures of Luke sport him with luxurious hair and in his Return of the Jedi outfit. Clearly, they don’t want anyone to see old Luke before he either debuts on screen or in the next trailer. Still, if you have to show off Luke it might be in his black Jedi outfit with the badass military collar.

Kylo Ren’s Nazi Mask

bHxtNdp - Imgur

If you check out Kylo Ren sans the hood, his mask has a Vader/Nazi-esque neck guard. It’s much shorter than Vader’s, but it gives the impression of a descendent of the style without feeling like a rip off.

The Prequels Are Getting Love Too


Not only we getting toys from The Force Awakens and the original films, but we’re also getting a lot of material based on the prequels including Anakin and Obi-Wan toys as well as vehicles from the era. Despite any feelings regarding the prequel films, it’s nice to see that era hasn’t been forgotten, as there’s plenty of great story material to mine from them.

BB-8 Can Be Yours


Despite claims that BB-8 was a practical effect, everyone assumed it was CGI until they brought the little guy out on stage for Celebration Anaheim. We still don’t know how they make it all work, but perhaps if we dissect this toy we can figure out it.

Don’t look at us that way. We’re doing it for science. We’ll put him back together. We promise.

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