Star Wars: Did Daft Punk Do A Song For The Force Awakens?

The Funk Awakens.

With “Force Friday” coming up in just a few short days, there’s really no telling what we’re liable to see. After all, the Lucasfilm/Disney marketing juggernaut has nearly unlimited funds and a product to put out… so it would be pretty sensible to be prepared for anything. So, when a video popped up this morning of what looks like a Daft Punk video inspired by Star Wars… it didn’t seem outside the realm of possibility.

So… is it Daft Punk?

Alas, it was not. While we’re disappointed, that still doesn’t mean there’s some very cool stuff here.

The music video was done by “Infectious Designer,” who reimagines Darth Vader and Boba Fett as Daft Punk-esque techno figures that are pursuing a woman and her cohorts. It’s actually pretty clever, as it takes a lot of Star Wars lore concerning the Dark Times era and implies it in the video. Imperial agents are chasing a Jedi, and when they can’t bring her down they offer to make her part of their ranks. Great stuff.

Who is this “Infectious Designer” chap?

He seems to enjoy making videos that are odes to geek properties and isn’t affraid to put some really nice production values behind them. He’s done “Beyond Black Mesa,” a Half-Life fan film that’s gotten more than 2 million views on youtube. He’s also done fan films for Killzone and Watch Dogs.

We can’t wait to see what he does next, as this Darth Punk video is really fun. The visuals are in the spirit of Daft Punk while still keeping some Star Wars flair, not to mention the music is pretty darn catchy.

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