Jonny Frost Will Make His Cinematic Debut in Suicide Squad

Here’s a fun little easter egg you can keep an eye out for in Suicide Squad next year.

Actress Corina Calderon, who has a small role in the movie, accidentally let slip that her co-star Jim Parrack will be playing Jonny Frost.

Corina Calderon Instagram

Who is Jonny Frost?

Well, the reason I say this is an easter egg, rather than just a bit of casting news, is the fact that Frost is a pretty obscure DC character.

He only appeared once in the comics, in a one-shot, alternate universe graphic novel called Joker. Written by Brian Azzarello, Joker featured a take on the iconic villain and the setting of Gotham that was closer in line with Christopher Nolan’s vision of things than anything else going on in the comics continuity at the time (coincidentally, the two were released in the same year).

In Joker, Jonny Frost a low-level henchman in Joker’s gang. Frost is sent to pick the Joker up from Arkham Asylum, and afterwards, becomes something of a chauffeur/assistant to him; along for the ride as Joker attempts to regain all of the territory, influence, and criminal prestige he lost while being locked up for so long.

What role will he play in Suicide Squad?

With such a massive cast, Frost probably won’t have a huge part to play (again, it’s probably more of an easter egg than an actual character introduction).

That being said, he does appear briefly in the trailer, leading the Joker through what we think might be part of Arkham Asylum:

jonny frost suicide squad

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