Marvel Wants an Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off Series

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD took a long time to get going, and even now that it’s pretty good week after week, the ratings still aren’t quite where ABC would like them to be. I suppose that’s the advantage of having Marvel money, this show would probably have been cancelled by now on most other networks (looking at you Fox).

When Marvel takes on a project though, they don’t half-ass it, and not only is Agents of SHIELD likely going to get a third season, the studio is also eye-balling a potential spin-off.

What do we know about it so far?

Not a whole lot unfortunately, but we do know that the project is being developed by SHIELD‘s exec producer Jeffrey Bell, and one of its writers, Paul Zbyszewski.

According to EW, the spin-off also won’t be introduced during Agents of SHIELD itself (unlike how the CW handled Flash and Arrow). However, story elements from this season of SHIELD will provide the foundation for the new series.


Maybe! Splitting the show up along those lines makes a lot of sense to me, giving Skye and other superpowered Inhumans a chance to shine ahead of the upcoming movie, while letting Coulson and his crew continue to pursue HYDRA and related threats.

When is it coming out?

The gears are already in motion, and if all goes according to plan, we might be seeing it as early as this fall on ABC. That’s if Marvel is happy with the direction that Bell and Zbyszewski come up with though, it might not happen at all.

If it does get greenlit though, it will join an increasingly crowded TV slate including Agents of SHIELD, a potential Agent Carter follow-up, and five upcoming series on Netflix.

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