The Originals Spoilers and Speculation: Exquisite Corpses

Get ready to sink your teeth further into The CW’s The Originals. After a brief hiatus, we returned to find some cliffhangers answered and some still remaining.

Last Episode – Save My Soul

In the previous episode of The Originals, we saw Rebekah taken fully over by Eva Sinclair—the evil witch that was stuck in the witchy looney bin for taking and slaughtering handfuls of children for their untapped power. The new Eva Sinclair is definitely not liked by any of the community, for good reason, so her department is only too welcomed.

Newest Episode – Exquisite Corpse

Ding dong, the witch is dead!

This latest episode had to answer the question if Freya could prove herself and save Rebekah. The tricky part came in coming up with an anchor for Freya’s powers so that Vincent and Marcel could go into Eva’s mind and save Rebecca. Fortunately, despite all of Klaus’ distrust of Freya, he stepped in at the last minute to serve as another energy source for the spell. The horrid Eva Sinclair is now gone, but Rebekah has chosen to reside in her body, for the time being (which, I’m sure she is secretly happy about, as she gets to live as a witch/human a bit longer with the perk of being able to improve her powers to save Kol- clock is ticking, Bex).

But, at what cost?

The lovely Freya has proved herself by saving Rebekah, but at what price? The price of having access to Klaus’ mind. Now, while this wouldn’t be a huge deal, as a lot of his secrets are already out, it does beg the question of whether Freya will use this information to her own self-benefit. This question is answered at the end of Episode 17 where Freya admits to Esther that she now knows how to turn her siblings against Klaus (Don’t forget she got into Elijah’s mind as well) before she kills her.

The darkness is coming.

Predicted by Josephine when she gazed into Hayley’s future, we were told Hayley should expect a darkness coming like she had never known. We suspect that she is talking about Dahlia’s inevitable arrival to take Hope, but this could also be accompanied by more tragedies- Jackson’s death and the wolf uprising.

What’s next? 

Perhaps the long anticipated wait for Dahlia will finally happen in this next episode; however, I suspect not. The next question that seems like it will be answered will be how Freya is planning to turn her siblings against Klaus. The question really though is “if Dahlia is coming, and they need to team up to defeat her, how is having more family discordance going to assist in the war?” It doesn’t seem like it will-which  begs the question of what Freya’s true motives are.

The other thing that’ll be exciting to see is how Vincent (fortunately back in his body again) will play out through the rest of this season. He’s proved himself by tricking Eva into showing him where the children she was using were (which now clarified that she didn’t slaughter them, merely put them to sleep), so the excitement at how he will develop is soon to come.

On a side note

If you’ve also been keeping up with The Vampire Diaries, it’s been revealed that Season 6 will be the end for the beloved Elena Gilbert. Played by actress Nina Dobrev, it was the actress’ personal decision to make her TVD experience a six-season adventure. As one of the main characters to the show, it will be interesting how The CW will explain Elena’s departure; fortunately, we’ve still got the hot Salvatore brothers.

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