Thor: The Dark World Actress to Cameo as Amazon Princess in Batman Vs. Superman?

Thor: The Dark World actress Jaime Alexander continued her will-she-or-won’t-she flirtation with the role of Wonder Woman this week, stating that she’s learned the plot of Batman Vs. Superman, and that she’s been in talks with both Marvel and DC about future superhero projects.

Wonder Woman is rumored to make an appearance in Batman Vs. Superman, while Alexander has long been an internet favorite for the role of the Amazon, and has, at turns, been very enthusiastic or very cool about playing the character.

The comments came at this past weekend’s Comikaze Expo, during a superhero film-focused panel moderated by Alexander. In the midst of a discussion about whether a Marvel/DC crossover film could ever happen, Alexander volunteered that she’d been in talks with both Marvel Entertainment and Warner Bros. (DC’s parent company) about future superhero films. Later, during a discussion regarding the surprise casting of Ben Affleck for Batman Vs. Superman, she dropped the real bomb on attendees.

While defending Affleck as not just perfect for the role, but perfect for the particular version of Batman in the 2015 film, she said she ‘kind of knows the storyline for that movie’.


The assertion made some waves because it implied that Alexander has been in meetings with Warner specifically about Batman Vs. Superman, amid long-standing rumors that Wonder Woman would have a cameo in the film. Rumors, by the way, that were given additional creedence by a tease from Warner President of Development in an interview two weeks ago with Variety. When asked about her showing up in the upcoming film, he said:

‘We have been doing a lot of thinking for years about how to best use all those characters and we love them,’ Silverman said. ‘Wonder Woman is an amazing character. I think it’s a great opportunity both for box office success, but also to have an amazingly powerful female superhero.’

Meanwhile, in an interview with Forbes following up on her Comikaze panel, Alexander was asked about her feelings on the idea that her Thor character, the bold valkyrie Lady Sif, presents a template for how Wonder Woman could be handled on the big screen.

‘I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman. I really think if this is the closest that we’re ever going to get to Wonder Woman, then I’m proud to play Sif. I hope that other comic book entities can learn a lesson from Marvel in how to execute a female character the way it should be done.’

Alexander went on to say that while she’d love to see a Wonder Woman film, ‘until it’s done with class, I’d rather it not be done’, which is consistent with her criticism to Comic Book Movie earlier this year about the portrayal of the character in the aborted NBC TV show.

Having acknowledge being approached about the role in the past, her current discussions with Warner Bros., and her feeling that she’d rather not have it done until it’s done right, it would seem that Alexander is all-but-certain that she’ll lock the role. It looks she’s thinking that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.


[Jaime Alexander as Wonder Woman photomanipulation by Adam Hlavac]

Catch Alexander kicking ass in Thor: The Dark World, in theaters this week.

Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to release July 17th, 2015.

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