The Dark Tower Movie Isn’t Dead Yet, Nikolaj Arcel May Direct

A remake of The Stand is coming, but what about the long-awaited Dark Tower series? It seems silly that so many of Stephen King’s stories have made the leap to the big screen, yet one of his best — a fantasy, post-apocalyptic western of sorts — has yet to appear.

If rumors are true, a Dark Tower movie — and potential series of films — might actually be on the way with Nikolaj Arcel in line to direct. He might also be in charge of a rewrite, that will see the material better adapted for the big screen format.

Sony Pictures Entertainment will distribute and co-finance alongside Media Rights Capital.

In addition, a TV series is also under development to complement the film. Producers include Akiva Goldsman (Weed Road), Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Erica Huggins. Stephen King is also involved as a producer, hopefully, to ensure the material makes a smooth conversion to the big screen.

What Is the Dark Tower?

The Dark Tower's Gunslinger by Stephen King, image by Michael Whelan

The Dark Tower is world’s different from most of Stephen King’s other properties, that’s not to say his dark, often quirky tones have been omitted.

The tale follows Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger who is traveling through a post-apocalyptic landscape to find none other than the mythical Dark Tower. Along the way, Deschain finds that there is an evil permeating the land, the destroyer of worlds kind.

It truly is an epic tale unlike any other, one that not only merges several genres but introduces some of the best material Stephen King has ever created. So far, there are eight novels in the series — nine if you include Little Sisters of Eluria — with alternate properties to consume including short stories, and a comic series.

It will be interesting to see how the material converts to the big screen and Dark Tower fans have wanted this for a long time. Let’s hope Arcel if he is chosen, can pull this off.

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