How Does Batman Fit Into Suicide Squad?

We’ve seen plenty of Batman hounding the Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, but that might not be the only scene that Ben Affleck’s caped crusader shows up in.

The news comes from Heroic Hollywood, Umberto Gonzalez’s post-Latino Review operation. Potential spoilers as always.

How will the Batman fit into Suicide Squad?

So if you’re not familiar with the concept, Suicide Squad is basically about a bunch of supervillains who have been offered reduced prison sentences in return for being a part of an off-the-books government black ops team. It’s called the “Suicide Squad” because considering they’re violent criminals, they are entirely expendable, and their missions are very dangerous.

The team is brought together by a woman named Amanda Waller. Well according to this source, Amanda Waller runs a maximum security prison in the movie, where she presumably recruits her team from. Batman apparently pays her a little visit, or more accurately, is already waiting in the shadows when she goes to her office (implying he just broke into a prison designed to hold supervillains).

He’s come to confront Waller about her Suicide Squad, and he’s not at all happy about the idea. He warns Waller that he will hold her personally responsible for any innocents that are harmed as the result of turning these criminals loose. Very Batman.

How does this tie into what we know about the film so far?

Well we’ve already seen a bunch of set videos confirming that Batman is the one who puts the Joker and Harley Quinn behind bars in the first place. With Harley Quinn as one of the members of Waller’s squad, it would make sense that Batman has some… concerns about letting her out.

Gonzalez writes that he’s also investigating another potential Bruce Wayne scene that could be in Suicide Squad, but frankly, these two Batman bits together seem like more than enough to tie Suicide Squad into the larger universe.

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