How Do Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn Fit Into Suicide Squad?

With filming for Suicide Squad shutting down streets in Toronto, we’ve had some interesting sneak peeks into the film thanks to paparazzi photos. Some unexpected characters are showing up… and we’re here to speculate on how they’ll fit into the film.


Still with us? Great. First, we had a look at what appears to be Harley Quinn pulling a gun on the Joker, only for him to slap her across the face. Now, it seems both the Batmobile and the caped crusader himself have been spotted chasing the Joker and Harley. Check out these videos below to see the Batmobile and Batman riding on top of the Joker’s car.

So, where does this happen in the film and why?

Well, the most logical explanation would be that the chase we’re seeing takes place at the start of the movie. The Joker and Harley will be running from Batman, who will capture them and bring them to the authorities. Enter Amanda Waller, who gives Joker and Harley a deal to join the Suicide Squad in exchange for reduced sentences. ¬†We imagine Batman would be none too happy about that.

Wait, wasn’t Harley pulling a gun on the Joker earlier?

Indeed she was. It wouldn’t be surprising if Harley was a central, if not THE central character of the story. We’d start the film with her completely loyal to the Joker in what will no doubt be a destructive relationship, then her experiences working for Waller and the Squad will make her question her allegiance to her former partner in crime. Thus, we have her pulling a gun on him later in the film but is unable to pull the trigger because of her clinging emotional attachment. This may be part of the midpoint or second act turn of the film.


Where will Harley go in the end?

We don’t know. Either she will find the strength to tear away from the Joker or not. It’s most likely she’ll be able to break his thrall over her, but we won’t know until we hear more.

Is this all the Batman we’ll see in the film?

It’s possible we’ll see a bit more of him interacting with Waller, The Joker, and Harley, but keep in mind this is a film about the Suicide Squad. Batman probably isn’t even a supporting character, he’s more of a glorified cameo to give the story context and get the plot moving.

When will we know more?

Well, Suicide Squad is still filming, so we’ll probably see more set leaks in the comics days and weeks. But when will we know everything? That’ll probably be when the film releases on August 5th, 2016. Until then, check back for more updates.

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