Star Wars: The Force Awakens – What Do The Black X-Wing and Millennium Falcon LEGO Sets Tell Us About The Film?

We’ve had our look at the First Order, now it’s time to see the LEGO ships of the Resistance.

As with many blockbuster films, leaked LEGO sets tend to give us a very good idea about the kind of vehicles or action set pieces we may be seeing in the film. Earlier, we had a list of upcoming Force Awakens LEGO sets leak out which let us know what to expect. Soon after that, we had our first look at Kylo Ren’s ship. Now, it seems, we get to see the new black and orange X-Wing along with the Millennium Falcon.

What do they look like?

You can see the Millennium Falcon set above. Here’s the X-Wing:


Lego says we have to remove the image. Sorry!



Ain’t it just? You may remember the black and orange X-Wing from the spy photos on set last year. However, despite the fact the set seems to be labeled as Poe Dameron’s we aren’t convinced the X-Wing is his in the film. If you look at this screencap from the trailer, the hull of his ship is standard grey:


So, the ship may be his at some point of the film, but not the entirety of the story. Either he will start with the grey X-Wing and lose it, or lose the grey X-Wing and gain the black one.

So, if it’s not Poe’s who does the black X-Wing belong to?

We’re not entirely sure. Perhaps Greg Grunberg’s character? It was leaked that he is playing a Wedge Antilles-esque role as an X-Wing pilot.

Anything else worth noting with the black X-Wing set?


Lego says we have to remove the image. Sorry!


It comes with a little BB-8, which is adorable. You also get a an extra X-Wing pilot and a member of the Resistance ground crew, who seems to be a lizard type alien. Perhaps a Trandoshan? It’s a little hard to tell, given the fact it’s a LEGO face.

What about the Millennium Falcon set?


Lego says we have to remove the image. Sorry!


That’s a little more interesting. It comes with Rey, Finn, Chewacca, Han Solo, BB-8, and two other characters: “Tasu Leech” and “Kanjiklub Gang Member.” If you look at the box, the Kanjiklub Gang Member may or may not be firing at the Falcon. It’s hard to tell.

Our best guess is that both of these guys are most likely connected with Lupit Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata. Could she be the leader of the “Kanjuklub Gang?”

It’s very clear that at some point Han Solo, Finn, and Rey will cross paths with the character. However, the jury seems to be out on whether she’s friend or foe. If you watch our breakdown of the Star Wars Comic Con featurette, you’ll notice that the First Order seems to be showing up at the area where our heroes seem to be meeting Kanata, which means they were followed or Kanata called them herself. We’ll have to wait and see.

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