Star Wars: Leaked LEGO Set Reveals Kylo Ren’s Ship

The time is finally upon us, friends. It’s a time honored tradition to have pieces of art direction, character fates, and even action set pieces in films ruined by early LEGO reveals… and it seems The Force Awakens isn’t an exception to the rule.

So, what was leaked this time?


LEGO says we have to take the photo down, sorry!


Fan site Star Wars Underworld is showing off a LEGO set under the hastag #leadvillainvehicle, which is probably in reference to Kylo Ren.

So, this is Kylo Ren’s ship?

Probably, though it’s not 100% confirmed.

Haven’t I seen this ship before?

TFA trailer

You have a good memory. It was indeed featured in a shot from the second trailer that debuted at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

The design also seems familiar…

It is, in fact, reminiscent of the Lambda class shuttles we saw in Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back special edition.


What about the trees in the background of the packaging?

A planet with a forest surface appears in some shots of the trailers released. You may remember Poe Dameron’s squadron flying through a wooded area as well.

TFA xwing

Whether it’s Yavin IV or Endor, we don’t know. We’ll have to wait for more information before making a confirmation or determination.

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