How Will Supergirl Appear in the DC Cinematic Universe?

How dark and brooding will her character be?


We haven’t seen Batman’s full debut in the DC Cinematic Universe yet, but a ton of other characters including Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Flash are already lined up with their own films. One conspicuously missing character that hasn’t been mentioned until now is a certain cousin of Kal-El: Supergirl.

Well, according to a report from Heroic Hollywood we’ll be seeing Kara Zor-El in a certain Man of Steel sequel, which may or may not be directed by Mad Max: Fury Road‘s George Miller.

How will she appear in the film?

Well, it seems that Kara won’t be the only fresh face in the film. If the report is correctly, we’ll be getting Brianiac as the villain for the first time in a Superman movie. Apparently, like Zod he’s looking for Krypton’s codex.

What’s the Codex again?


A genetic record of everyone on Krypton and everyone set to be born, since the entire species is mapped out. Whoever has it has the information to bring Krypton back from the dead… or something. Oh, and for “reasons” it also looks like a skull.

So, why would Kara have it?

We honestly don’t know the answer to that one. After all, it seems like Jor-El hard coded it into Kal-El’s DNA (again, don’t ask us how). There is a prequel comic where Kara became an explorer, scouting planets for habitable colonization for Kryptonians. However, it seems kinda silly someone like that would just be carrying around the DNA of an entire civilization that requires an astronomically high security clearance to see.

But, really, it gives us Supergirl so let’s look at the bright side.

Anything else we should know?

Apparently, Brainiac creates Bizzaro to take down Supergirl and Superman. Cue more destruction porn.


How will this connect to the Supergirl TV show?

It won’t. The show on CBS isn’t part of the DC Cinematic Universe. So anything that happens in one, or any characters that appear, will not affect the other.


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