Batman V Superman Is Man Of Steel 2 After All

The debate can finally be put to rest.

The DC Cinematic Universe is just getting started and there’s already been some confusion on how exactly it’s going to treat its character. We’ve heard calls for more Batman and less Superman in Dawn of Justice, while there’s been a great deal of talk for more films with the Caped Crusader and only mere rumors for sequels to Man of Steel.

After all, the word on the street is that Man of Steel 2 might happen, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t count despite following up on the events of Man of Steel.

However, thanks to a recent interview with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder, that may have been cleared up.

What did Zack Snyder say?

In a recent interview with Jam Canoe, Zack Snyder gave his thoughts:

“I think in a way Batman v Superman is Man of Steel 2. Justice League is kind of the transcendent, knights-of-the-round-table of the story. It’d be interesting to think about what a standalone Superman movie might be.”

So, what will they do for Man of Steel 2?

Despite rumors of George Miller circling the project and Supergirl being a part of the story, there hasn’t been much traction with a Man of Steel sequel. It hasn’t been scheduled among the upcoming DC film slate and there seems to be very little general interest in putting out more Superman dedicated products out. After all, Man of Steel was a modest success financially and a very divisive film amongst critics and fans alike. It’s possible they want to start a new chapter in the DC Cinematic Universe and stick with it.

So, as of right now we’re not entirely sure if we’ll be getting a proper Man of Steel 2. It depends on how well Batman v Superman is received… or more to the point how Superman himself is received in the film. If people love him, the chances of him getting another film will rise a great deal. If not and he’s completely overshadowed by Ben Affleck’s Batman… we wouldn’t count on it.

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