Rumor: How Many Movies Are We Getting With Ben Affleck’s Batman?

A near final cut Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just screened for a group of WB executives to what was a reportedly a standing ovation. A major factor that contributed to the film winning the WB bosses over was apparently Ben Affleck’s Batman, who unsurprisingly stole the show.

So, what does this mean for Batman?

Previously, Ben Affleck was locked in for a single Batman film which he’d write and direct. Now, it seems like the WB wants to make him into the definitive on screen Batman, at least for the current generation. As a result, the WB is interested in turning his standalone picture deal into an entire trilogy.

How many films does this mean for Affleck’s Batman?

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Well, there’s Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League 1 and 2, then his three films. That makes six at least, assuming he doesn’t make a cameo in any other entries in the DC cinematic universe. However, it seems this version of Batman is to be a unifying force for all the films in much the same way Agent Coulson and Nick Fury were the glue that completed Marvels Phase 1 films.

With that in mind, perhaps that means that Batman is the one who assembles the Justice League? It seems as though he’s hell bent on destroying Superman in the trailers, but we all know Batman and Superman will team up against Lex Luther by the end of the film. If that’s true, it would be a natural progression of Batman’s character arc to seek out other super powered individuals and unite them for a common good. After all, only a character as popular and intelligent as Batman could really lead the Justice League on the big screen.

How do we know this trilogy of films is legit?

Well, this is hardly concrete evidence, but two of Ben Affleck’s films (The Accountant, Live By Night) have been pushed back at least ten months each. While there isn’t enough time to make a trilogy of films in that time, it is enough to squeeze one in before moving to a non-DC project. We expect Affleck’s schedule to alternate between Batman and non-Batman projects until his commitments are finished.

How long does this mean Ben Affleck will be our Batman?

Well, assuming it takes about 2 years to make a film, that’s at least ten years after next year… which means if everything sticks to plan Affleck will be playing Batman until at least 2026.

How would the new Batman films work into the DC film schedule?

We don’t know yet. We assume WB is still trying to figure that out themselves.

What about Henry Cavill’s Superman?

We don’t know how he was received, but we assume that since people reportedly liked the film he contributed to their appreciation of it. At the very least, he should be appearing in Justice League Part 1.

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