Ant-Man Concept Teaser Trailer Leaked Online

A concept teaser trailer for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man leaked onto the internet early this morning, and showed fanboys a glimpse of what they can expect from a live action Ant-Man movie. The footage, while less than a minute in length, features intense action and provides an ample sampling of Ant-Man’s abilities and movement. This concept trailer originally debuted last year at Comic-Con to a very positive reception, but had been hidden from the general public until now.

Here’s the video:

The Ant-Man movie was once considered to be a part of Marvel’s Phase II of films which would lead up to an appearance of Ant-Man in The Avengers 2. With the Ant-Man postponement, the movie will now be either a part of Marvel’s Phase III, or a standalone superhero film.

While Ant-Man’s appeal has never met the levels of Iron Man, Hulk, or Captain America, he does provide a character with interesting abilities and the potential for a solid story. The test footage of Ant-Man highlights the character’s ferocity and speed along with his size-shifting abilities. My biggest concern with the footage lies in Ant-Man’s costume, which currently appears as a hybrid between the Rocketeer and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

I remember reading bits and pieces of Ant-Man as a kid, but I never idolized him or dressed up like him for Halloween. It will be interesting to see where the general public holds this character and how the box-office receipts come in when the movie is ultimately released in 2014.

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