Marvel Has Chosen Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Doctor Strange

Holy crap guys, Marvel has finally chosen its Doctor Strange, and it’s Sherlock Holmes himself.

Deadline reports that the previously rumored deal with Joaquin Phoenix did not pan out (I’m sure we’ll get the full story soon enough), which opened the door to a number of different possibilities. Names like Tom Hardy and Jack Huston were thrown around, but in the end, none other than Benedict Cumberbatch himself was Marvel’s final pick.

Cumberbatch has become something of a geek icon lately. Not only is he Sherlock Holmes in the BBC’s amazing modern adaptation of the classic detective stories, but he also had big roles in both the Star Trek and Hobbit movies. Now if we could only get him into Star Wars, he will have basically conquered the nerd world.

Doctor Strange is likely aiming for a summer 2016 release date, with production to begin sometime next year.

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