Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Speed Around Jakku In This 360 Video

Check out the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War for yourself.

The Battle of Jakku is beginning to take on an almost mythic quality to it. It really does seem like this is the point when the post-Return of the Jedi battle between the broken Galactic Empire and the New Republic came to a climax, setting the stage for the world we’ll be seeing in The Force Awakens come December.

Furthermore, it’s also very possible that this is the last time Luke, Han, and Leia were all together before the end of the conflict sent them in different directions. Unsurprisingly, they were all battle weary by the time the Battle of Jakku ended given the events of the conflict. The Empire threw everything they had at world that only had strategic significance due to its location.

How did it end?


The resulting battle was a disaster for the Empire, resulting in the loss of their last Super Star Destroyer among countless other pieces of hardware. In what has become an iconic Star Wars moment, the captain of the Star Destroyer Inflictor crashed his ship onto the planet surface rather than losing it to a New Republic boarding party.

In a clever move, the filmmakers behind The Force Awakens have taken the last event of the original trilogy era and made it the first major location for the new trilogy as a way to tie the stories together. For the last year all we’ve had are photos and video to inspect the aftermath of this great battle… until now.

What’s new with Jakku?

On the official Star Wars Facebook page, a 360 degree video has been posted that allows you to speed through Jakku looking at the wreckage of the battle in Rey’s speeder. In fact, you get to go by the Inflictor… which makes for quite a sight.¬†Click on the screen grab below to check out the video on their Facebook page!

The Force Awakens Immersive 360 Experience

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