Would Tom Hardy Be a Good Fit for The Punisher?

I’ll come out and say it. I’m a huge Punisher fan.

With all these superhero blockbusters hitting theaters — and thanks to Daredevil’s success on Netflix — I’m holding on to hope that the vigilante will soon get the movie he deserves.

I’m of mind that War Zone wasn’t that bad. Hell, I’ll take it over the original Punisher with Thomas Jane and John Travolta any day. That said, there’s no denying the fact that Frank Castle hasn’t received the attention he deserves.

That may soon change, since Tom Hardy has expressed interest in taking on the role.

Would Tom Hardy Be a Good Fit for The Punisher?

The Punisher animated

During an interview with Collider, Tom Hardy was asked about leaving the Suicide Squad team, and whether or not he’ll take on a comic book or superhero role in the future. He clearly stated:

“I want The Punisher… I want The Punisher, or Splinter Cell, I want something…I don’t know what I want.”

You’ll notice he mentions two franchises there, one of which was actually a video game. Better yet, Hardy is currently signed on to do a Splinter Cell movie, which just leaves The Punisher.

He went on further to claim that he’s not “big enough” to play Frank Castle with his 5’9″ frame. I beg to differ, as they did a great job making him look massive as Bane with special effects. The interviewer went on to say that his height likely isn’t an issue, and reminded Hardy, that Castle is just a normal guy.

“Frank Castle, I would love it.”

I’m not going to guarantee that a movie with Tom Hardy as The Punisher would be amazing, because I don’t know. However, I do wholeheartedly believe that he would be a great fit for the role.

Is This Really Happening?

Punisher shots

Keep in mind, this is just Hardy expressing interest. There has been no official confirmation that Marvel is even creating a Punisher movie or show, let alone choosing an actor for the role.

With the recent success of Daredevil, I can’t help but wonder if Marvel is considering following the act with more shows. In particular, The Punisher would be a great fit for a TV adaptation, although it would be just fine as a film too.

Whatever happens, let’s hope they plan any further Punisher movies or shows as a hard “R,” because it is supposed to be dark, gritty and violent.

What do you think? Tom Hardy as Castle in 2015 – 2016? Should we start a petition?


  1. No I disagree, Tom Hardy is completely the wrong the choice for the mighty punisher. The man truly does not have the gravitas to pull off a role like this.
    He comes from a privilege British upbringing, and has no authentic idea of hardship in his life! He was great in the TV series colditz. but as a bad boy antihero, he falls a fair way short.
    Walking around sulking on camera is not going to cut it for roll like Frank Castle….!

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