Batman V Superman: Scoot McNairy Might Be Playing A Very Iconic DC Character

Hint: It’s not Doomsday.

Batman V Superman’s hype train has been picking up steam as of late thanks to the new trailer from San Diego Comic Con. One of the latest rumors has been circling around Scoot McNairy (Argo, Halt and Catch Fire), an actor cast in the film. Rumors circulated around his role that covered everything from Metallo to the Flash, but it seems now we may know the truth.

So… who is Scoot McNairy playing?


Famed photo-journalist Jimmy Olsen, who in the past has been known as Superman’s best friend, Mr. Action, and “that intern” to many a Daily Planet employee.

What version of Jimmy Olsen is McNairy playing here?

Last year a rumor was circulating that Jimmy Olsen would have been present in Metropolis during Superman’s fight with Zod. During the fight, Jimmy’s legs were crushed under rubble and he’s been walking on prosthetic limbs ever since. You can see a set photo confirming he’s having CGI touch ups done on his legs:


Reportedly, despite the trauma Jimmy regards Superman as a hero who saved the lives of thousands in the conflict.

That characterization is very in line with the Jimmy Olsen of the comics, despite losing his legs. It would also provide another perspective on the Man of Steel that would be the optimistic outlook to counteract Bruce Wayne’s rage.

It should also be noted that Scoot McNairy is currently 37, which means this version of Jimmy will be an established player at the Daily Planet. We imagine he’ll probably be a seasoned photo-journalist who’s had to shoot a few wars in his time.

How much will Jimmy be in the film?

We imagine it’ll very much be a supporting role. After all, we already have Superman, Batman, Alfred, Lex, Lois, and Perry in the film to start. We imagine Jimmy will take a backseat to them.

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