Star Wars: The Force Awakens Comic-Con Footage Analysis

There’s a ton of details to pick apart here. Let’s get started.

The footage that debuted at the Star Wars panel at San Diego Comic Con this year was spectacular. Full of care and heart, it not only showed us just how much effort the entire cast and crew put into the production, but that they were doing everything correct to make a true successor to the original trilogy.If you haven’t seen the footage, watch it just below before we get started.

The three and a half minutes of footage of filled with tons of the production. Let’s break it down and see what we find.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.03

Our first shot is of the desert planet Jakku. Is that a moisture vaporator out in the distance?

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.08

Next up is the interior of the Falcon. We’re pretty sure the branching corridor heads toward the cockpit.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.14

We have a long hallway reminiscent of the prison hallway on the Death Star. There are two possibilities here, either it takes place on Starkiller base or on a Star Destroyer. Given that space would be at a premium in… well… space, we’re guessing it’s the narrow corridor inside a Star Destroyer.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.17

Here we have R2-D2, a little scuffed up but looking rather well for being a full 30 years older.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.19

You may recognize this shot from the first trailer, which seems to be stormtroopers on a troop transport:


Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.22

Some galactic riff raff, bringing to mind the shots of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Note the stone walls behind the characters. If the rumors are to be believed, this is part of Maz Kanata‘s castle.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.24

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.27

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.30

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.33

Here we have a series of shots from concept to execution of a crashed tie fighter, which rumor has it belongs to Finn.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.35

A storyboard of the Falcon, which looks to be parked next to a rather large man-made structure above.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.39

A miniature mock up of the Falcon’s interior, most likely used for preparing the actual set and planning out how to shoot scenes.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.41

Here are some animatronic aliens, though we’re not entirely sure what the species they belong to.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.44

BB-8 on the Falcon from the same shot as the teaser.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.54

A captured Poe Dameron being forced along by a First Order stormtrooper. Again, this is either in Starkiller Base or a Star Destroyer.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.13.58

Lupita Nyong’o doing motion capture for Maz Kanata.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.01

The C-3P0’s mask being put on Anthony Daniels. Notice the less shiny finish we last saw in Return of the Jedi and the red arm we first saw in the leaked merchandise.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.08

The crew shooting the desert for Jakku.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.11

Kathleen Kennedy giving an interview on set… but check out those AT-AT feet in the sand behind her.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.12

The arch on Jakku we saw in previous trailers. Is it the gateway to a settlement of some kind? Also, notice the ramp to a partially built Falcon on the far right.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.21

Check out this rather large explosion in the desert. What’s strange here is that the actors aren’t in costume for the shoot, so is this a test or are they just filming the explosion?

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.23

This looks like Poe Dameron in the jacket he was wearing with the stormtrooper. He’s urgently running near his X-Wing, which makes us think he’s about to be captured. We’re wondering why he’s being so actively hunted…

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.28

Kylo Ren coming out of his ship, flanked by stormtrooper guards.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.30

Check out these stormtrooper extras: the one on the right has an officer shoulder pad. Looks like they’re keeping the same ranking system for the most part.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.31

A flametrooper burning stuff. If the rumors are to be believed, this will be very close to the start of the film.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.33

Simon Pegg on set and in heaven.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.37

A close up of an unfinished Chewbacca mask. Notice the material they’re using for the character’s skin underneath the hair.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.40

The finished Chewbacca mask.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.42

Check out the creature workshop. Is it us, or does the concept art on the right have the head of a pit droid or something close to it?

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.49

Peter Meyhew in the co-pilot’s seat of the Falcon with Daisy Ridley next to him. That council between them has a glowing blue cylinder sticking out of it. We don’t think that was there before…

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.52

More creature effects, showing off some impressive – and new- aliens.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.53

A new hookah smoking alien, carrying on the tradition of the lizard guy from the Mos Eisley Cantina and Jabba the Hutt.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.56

A member of the art department hand painting the helmet of a Resistance pilot.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.14.59

Here is a guy that seems to be… a box of snake like creatures. We’re really curious what his face prosthetic will be.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.01

Simon Pegg is playing a background alien, apparently. He must be burning under all that latex.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.05

It seems we’re getting the return of the Gonk droid!

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.08

This alien looks familiar, but we can’t quite place it. Does anyone know if this is new or a returning species?

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.11

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.15

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.17

Here we see the construction of the new X-Wing and Falcon on a soundstage. Note they appear to be made out of wood.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.21

The lineup of Stormtroopers we saw earlier from a wider view.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.23

Here’s a shot from the film being viewed on a monitor in what we assume is a set’s video village. Note the soldiers with the red helmets. Could they be Resistance fighters?

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.26

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.28

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.32

Daisy Ridley giving a derp face before she boards a version of the Falcon’s cockpit on a hydraulic suspension. It seems she’ll be piloting the ship for at least one point of the film. Judging from the fact she’s wearing her Jakku costume, it may be from the chase we’ve seen in the trailers.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.36

First Order stormtroopers storming ruins. This is the same set where we say the Vanity Fair shot of Captain Phasma, so it’s safe to say she’ll be showing up in this scene.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.38

Stormtroopers getting thrown like rag dolls in an explosion.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 16.25.25

A shot of Resistance pilots and personnel surrounding the Falcon. Is this on Yavin IV? It certainly looks like the leaked hanger base shots from last year.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.47

C-3PO in what looks like the interior of a Resistance base, which is looking more and more like Yavin. You also get a better look at his new red arm.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.49

Domhnall Gleeson on what appears to be the set of Starkiller Base.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 16.28.07

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley chilling the set of what appears to be a Jakku junkyard.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.53

JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan working on script pages in a First Order hanger.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.55

Admiral Ackbar!

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.56

Nien Nunb!

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.15.58

Princess Leia, in what appears to be a very practical outfit. Honestly, she looks a bit more like Han Solo here with the black vest, which is a nice touch.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.00

Oscar Isaac, being interviewed with the Resistance Base set behind him.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.02

More stormtrooper extras in what appears to be that First Order hanger set.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.03

Warwick Davis behind the scenes, with a fuzzy creature that is equally adorable and terrifying.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.05

A touching moment between JJ Abrams and Carrie Fisher.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.09

JJ Abrams looking at a shot of what appears to be a fire fight in a corridor.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.10

Kathleen Kennedy and JJ laughing on set. We’re guessing this is Starkiller base, judging from the moody lighting and the industrial corridors.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.12

Anthony Daniels out of costume on the set of the Falcon. Unless we’re mistaken, the lounge area where C-3P0 and R2 played Dejarick with Chewbacca is behind him, though we don’t see the table. At the very least, we’re pretty sure it’s the same room.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.14

Harrison Ford, looking steely as ever.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.16.175543ca93db753b82389cbd6e_vanity-fair-star-wars.0

Daisy, Harrison, and John on the Falcon set. This looks like the day they shot the Vanity Fair cover.

Well, that’s all we could find. Anyone else see any hidden details we may have missed?



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