SDCC ’15: What Secrets Did We Learn At The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Panel?

The Force Awakens wrapped up. Here are all of the story details, pictures, and footage from the event!

Here’s everything in list form. We’ll post the pictures (courtesy of io9) under the relevant information. There was a lot of great stuff revealed, so here it is all in one place. Enjoy!

  • They have a cut of the movie, so at the moment they’re working on doing fine tuning.
  • JJ is happy Disney gave him enough time to work on the movie, ie December release instead of May. If you remember, that was a big cause of contention for a while there, especially because they had to ditch the original script.
  • JJ has shown a cut to John Williams, “There is nothing normal about what has been happening.”
  • Pictures shown include the new Stormtroopers burning something, a tie fighter in the sand, and JJ and Kasdan under the Falcon. Here are a few of the shots:



  • The alien character from the UNICEF video is called “Bobbajo.” They brought him out on stage. It takes five people to operate him. Check it out:


  • They were still writing on set. Kasdan was turning out pages in a shuttle bay with stormtroopers walking by.
  • JJ: “You can’t be blinded” by callbacks and nostalgia. Hopefully, that means they’ll focus on making something that stands on its own rather than relying on everyone’s love for the first few films.


  • According to Kathleen Kennedy, Rogue One will start shooting with Gareth Edwards in three weeks.
  • We’re getting a new trailer in the fall.
  • Footage was shared showing, Jakku, a film slate on the falcon, troopers, a red tinted tie fighter, Princess Leia in a military outfit, Simon Pegg ¬†on set in a costume, and Daisy Ridley in the gunner’s seat of the Falcon. Here’s the footage:

  • No shots of Luke. In fact, no one has any stories from Mark Hamill on set at all. Interesting…
  • Domhnall Gleeson’s character is named General Hux.
  • New promo pictures of the villains:



  • Adam Driver about Kylo Ren: We didn’t have a lot of conversations about bad or evil. What’s the difference between bad and being right? Thinking you’re right is something different. That’s almost more evil.”
  • Domhnall Gleeson, on the other hand, says General Hux is just evil.


  • Apparently, General Hux is using a large machine to obtain something, though we don’t know what.
  • The name of the primary First Order base is “Starkiller Base.” Long time fans will get that reference.
  • When asked if Darth Plagueis will be referenced, Kasdan didn’t know who it was (or acted like he didn’t). JJ said there will be no reference.
  • Apparently, there were moments when Hamill, Fisher, and Ford were standing together on set. Does that mean they have a scene together?

Big Three

  • Ford: “I never thought it would come back to bless me instead of haunt me. … I was very gratified when I read the script, because I read something that I thought was really remarkable. Well written, with some intriguing developments. So I was delighted to be involved.”


  • The panel closed with the announcement of a Star Wars music concert. “We are literally all going to walk to a location together and experience a Star Wars concert tonight.” Awesome.


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