Captain America: Civil War Trailer Shown At D23

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Marvel is showing off a preview of its Phase 3 films, but we all know that the most highly anticipated property is Civil War. There’s been speculation, set photos, and endless discussion on which hero will be joining Steve or Tony’s respective factions.

well, today at D23, Marvel was present. Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Kevin Feige came up on stage and presented the first trailer for the first film in their phase 3 slate Captain America: Civil War.

What did the trailer show?

We only have some of the highlights, but this is what we know:

  • There is a battle which has Frank Grillo’s Crossbones as a combatant.
  • The fight scenes are also very brutal.
  • The trailer gets into the conflict between Tony and Steve, which is what motivates the entire story. Apparently, at some point Tony says “Without boundaries we’re no better than them.” Does he mean HYDRA? Or just bad guys in general?
  • When Cap calls Tony out on his argument, Tony tells him that “Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.”
  • Bucky is starting to remember things, like his mother’s name.
  • General Ross is telling Cap that the country owes him a debt. Is there a “but” coming after that?
  • Black Widow and Hawkeye have to fight each other. “We’re still friends, right?” Black Widow asks. Hawkeye replies, “Depends how hard you hit me.”
  • Apparently, the biggest moment that people ate up was Ant-Man (Scott Lang) joining Captain America’s faction. Upon seeing all his compatriots, he’s completely starstruck: “I know you know a lot of super… people, so I wanted to say thinks for thanking of me. Thanks for thinking of me.”

Did we see anything else?

From Civil War? Not really. We did see some concept art from Doctor Strange, but the film hasn’t started shooting yet so there’s very little to show off. There was a video from Benedict Cumberbatch telling the crowd how excited he was, but that’s it so far.

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