MCU Rumor: Peter Parker Will Wear Multiple Spider-Man Suits in Civil War

Will one of them be red and gold?

Hot on the heels of the rumored Civil War teams, we’re getting another rumor directly tied to Spider-Man’s involvement in the conflict that’ll have big repercussions for his time in the MCU.

According to Heroic Hollywood, it seems that Peter is going to have a makeshift suit at the start of the film (which has been rumored in the past), but will gain his proper red and blue threads from a certain Tony Stark.

What’s the deal with this makeshift costume?

Well, Peter Parker has always been very special among super heroes for being one of the first (and only) who has to constantly worry about paying the rent every month. It makes perfect sense that his costume (at least at first) wouldn’t be well made or even especially flashy. Peter is, after all, just a kid from Queens running around New York with some accidental spider powers.

So, what will this makeshift costume look like?

There’s an artist’s rendering that’s been floating around the internet:


Pretty spiffy, yeah?

I like it, but how does Peter get his upgraded threads?

Well, there’s a few ways that could happen. If you recall the original Civil War comic arc, Peter allied with the pro-registration side and became Tony Stark’s protégée.  Not only did Peter get to hang out with a billionaire genius all the time, Tony also gifted him a high tech suit modeled after his own Iron Man armor:


The Iron Spider-Man suit was a technical marvel. It had a host of additional powers, including gliding, bullet proof mesh, the ability to change appearance, and extra claw like arms that protruded from the back. It became a symbol of Peter’s allegiance to Tony… but when Peter defected to Captain America’s side he changed back to his old red and blue costume.

If the Civil War film is taking notes from the comics, it stands to reason that Tony will give Peter his final red and blue costume. We’re not sure how technically advanced it will be, but it will certainly be a step up from the previous iteration.

When will Tony give Peter the new costume?


That’s the question, isn’t it? Either they will follow the comics and have Tony give it to Peter early when he joins his team or it will be a gift near the end of the film. Those are really the only two options if it’s a conscious gift from Tony to Peter. With that in mind, Peter would have his new costume just in time to print it everywhere for the merchandizing campaign of his solo movie.

Just how many costumes has Peter Parker had?

A lot. Comics love giving iconic characters new costumes and powers just as much as they love killing off beloved characters (and then later bringing them back). There are enough Spider-Man costumes to make an entirely different article, so for now we’ll leave you with this amazing painting depicting all of them:



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