Captain America: Civil War – Will Spider-Man Fight This Avenger?

Straight out of the comic pages.

Set and information leaks have been pretty tough on Civil War, but there’s still plenty we don’t know despite the fact a trailer debuted at D23. We have a very good idea on the composition of Tony and Steve’s teams… but how will they interact with each other?

Well, it seems Heroic Hollywood has another scoop for us on just what we’ll be seeing from our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. If it’s true, it definitely means he’ll be fighting on the side of Iron Man.

So… who is Spider-Man fighting?

The rumor is Spider-Man will be fighting Captain America.

How will that happen?

We’re not entirely sure. All we know is that the actor playing Spider-Man, Tom Holland, has been filming in Germany. We suspect the fight will go down on one of the sets they’re filming in the area.

What will happen in the fight?

We’re not entirely sure, but we have seen this in the Civil War comic. The rebels led by Captain America were attacking a pro-registration convoy. Spider-Man got separated from the rest of his group and suddenly got into a fight with Captain America:


Does Spider-Man win or lose?

Well, Captain America is the more skilled and experience fighter and he manages to outclass Peter pretty well, but that actually isn’t the point of the fight. Steve wanted to get Peter alone to talk to him and try to convince him to change his mind about fighting for Tony.


Does it work?

Not at first, but eventually Peter does have a change of heart. Of course, the minute that happens Iron Man decides to bring him down. Peter gets beaten up pretty badly, but eventually he returns to his roots and use his old costume. He comes to Captain America in a pretty funny moment and decides to join his side.

Do you think something similar will happen in the film?

We absolutely do. We very much see Peter’s fight with Steve in the film full of dialogue. Steve will start to convince Peter of the error of his ways, leading him to betray Tony and fight him too. Peter will escape (or be rescued by Steve’s people) and will join Captain America for a the duration of the film.


Wow, we’ll see Peter fight both Iron Man and Captain America in one film?

We honestly think that’ll be the case. That should be quite a debut for the character.

Who else do you think he’ll fight?

It’s pretty uncertain at this point, but we wouldn’t be surprised if characters on both sides of the conflict managed to take plenty of shots at each other. War is full of chaos, after all. The big question is whether they can reconcile after all the violence.

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