Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Is This C-3PO’s New Look?

The latest footage and pictures from The Force Awakens have given us glimpses, or implied glimpses, at just about everyone… except C-3PO. Well, thanks to, of all things, a leaked thermal mug in Mexico, we may have a new glimpse at what everyone’s favorite golden droid.

So, what’s he look like?

Here you go, thanks to JediNews contributor Marc Zachacki:

3PO Can

3PO Can 2

How do we know this is real?

The simple fact of the matter is we don’t. The mug does look a little photo shopped, but merchandizing material can often be badly photo shopped. So, this is either ┬áthe mug really looks like this and was shipped out early, or it’s a fake. Either way, there have been a few rumblings that C-3PO will be sporting a red arm in the film.

Why are they changing his look?

Well, let’s be fair here. C-3PO has had a lot of looks over the years. In The Phantom Menace, he was nothing but his innards:


In Attack of the Clones, he was a rusted shell with a rusted red arm that almost seems a foreshadowing to what we’re seeing on the mug:


It wasn’t until Revenge of the Sith he was shiny and golden due to his status as the aid to a Republic Senator:


Also, if you look close in the Original Trilogy he isn’t completely gold. One of his shins and feet are silver:


Fair enough, but why the red arm?

It’s been 30 years since Return of the Jedi. A lot has happened, and if some theories are correct then civilization isn’t what it used to be. If C-3PO lost in arm in an off-screen adventure, replacing with the correct part may not have been as easy as it sounds. Therefore, it seems it was time to improvise. If you recall, R2-D2 was also looking a little scoffed for his shot in the trailer. Clearly these droids have been through a lot.


Where has he been all this time?

It’s impossible to say for certain, but the most likely answer is that he’s stayed with Luke, Han, and Leia in some capacity. It seems to be implied that those three have split up for some reason at the time of the movie, but that is unconfirmed. However, if they have been split up it’s most likely that C-3PO will have stayed with Princess Leia as an aid in much the same way he assisted Padme during her time as a senator.

If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be surprising if he hasn’t seen R2-D2 in quite some time, as R2 is more equipped for field work while 3PO is better suited for a diplomatic office. Indeed, during the Clone Wars 3PO usually stayed with Padme while Anakin took R2 into battle during the Republic’s campaign against the Separatists.

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