So, Apparently Those Jared Leto Joker Tattoos Are in Suicide Squad

I have to say, I was really holding out hope that David Ayer’s version of Joker from Suicide Squad was not going to have tattoos. Some recent photo leaks of Jared Leto on the set show otherwise.

The tattoos first showed up when Ayer teased the Joker’s new look over Twitter. Fan reactions to the image he posted were decidedly negative. It’s warranted too, that outfit is a far cry from the sinister, green-haired jokester we know.

It led to speculation that the image was just released to drum up anticipation and hype for the movie. Many — including myself — were holding on to hope that the real outfit for the movie would be different.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, as the recent leaks show Leto has the same outfit, style and tattoos on the set.

There might be some mild spoilers, as we describe what’s going on in the photos. Look away now if you want a pure experience when the movie releases.

Where Are These Photos?

In the photos, we can see Jared Leto as Joker. We can also see Margot Robbie as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. This scene must take place before she dons the iconic jester outfit and takes on the persona of Harley Quinn.

jared leto as joker suicide squad set photo 1

Some things to note:

  • You can see the “damaged” tattoo in his forehead and the rest of the tats on his face
  • His shirt is open (really?)
  • His hair is dyed neon green
  • He’s wearing either purple suspenders or a holster

jared leto as joker suicide squad set photo 3

The Joker starts to walk away from Harley before she pulls a gun. There’s nothing particularly special in this pic that we don’t see in the others.
jared leto as joker suicide squad set photo 2

This is just after Harley pulls a gun on Joker. A stranger walks up, presumably to break up the fight and then Harley aims the gun at him instead before shooting him. Joker shoves his head against the barrel and taunts her a bit, then snatches the gun out of her hands.

Things to note in this pic:

  • He has the same chrome grill from the teaser pic
  • He’s wearing a lot of makeup, like bright red lipstick and thick eyeshadow
  • His skin is super pale, chest too

jared leto as joker suicide squad set photo 4

Here, the Joker slaps Harley after snatching the gun from her.

It’s good to see they’re not ignoring the fact that Joker messes with Harley’s mind. In the comics, he pretty much beats her into submission. Not that I’d necessarily want to see that onscreen, I just mean it wouldn’t feel right to have a head-over-heels Harley that hasn’t been abused by Joker in some way — the dynamic is what’s important.


  • Joker is smacking Harley here, so obviously they have an abusive relationship
  • The guy lying on the ground walked up moments earlier, and Harley shot him
  • That’s Joker’s car on the right and you can see purple neons underneath

Supposedly, this scene takes place at night even though everything looks bright in the photos. Also, I knew what was going on in this photos because I also watched the leaked video of the actors on set.

What do you think of Joker’s duds?

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