Battlefront Will Be at Star Wars Celebration Next Month

It’s official! Battlefront will be a part of Star Wars Celebration next month, giving fans just one more reason to grab a Stormtrooper costume and head down to Anaheim.

The game was officially revealed at last year’s E3 event, but so far, we’ve only seen tiny little teasers for it, and no actual gameplay.

So what’s the official word?

All we know right now is that EA is definitely bringing the game to the convention in some form, as per last year’s tease of seeing more of it in the spring. EA’s post also specifically states that the game will “debut,” and since Battlefront has already been officially announced, that to me means we’ll be seeing some gameplay.

What do you think they’ll show at the convention?

It’s hard to say for sure, but taking a guess, I’d say that a panel with some new information and a gameplay walkthrough is pretty likely. Additionally, we know that EA will have a booth on the showfloor, so with any luck, the game might even be playable in some form!

What is Star Wars Celebration anyway?

Star Wars Celebration is the official convention for all things Jedi, Sith, and everything in between. It’s basically the premiere annual event for Star Wars fans, with four days of panels, exhibits, autograph sessions, exclusive merch, and screenings. This year is especially exciting with the upcoming release of Episode VII, so it makes sense that EA would want to board that hype train and show off the game to the fans.

When and where is it?

This year Star Wars Celebration is heading to Anaheim, California on April 16-19. Tickets are on sale now.

What about the other Star Wars games?

When EA scooped up the exclusive license to publish all core Star Wars games, they almost immediately announced that three titles were in development, Battlefront being one of them. The other two have not been officially revealed, but we do know that Visceral and BioWare are working on them.

Because of the fact that we haven’t seen anything of these games yet, and we don’t even know if a 2015 release date is a possibility or not, I would say don’t get your hopes up about seeing them at this convention. It’s possible one or both of them could get a little tease, but E3 seems far more likely to me.

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