Star Wars: Battlefront Beta FAQ – Everything We Know So Far [Updated]

Battlefront beta has been officially announced. We’ll be keeping this page updated with everything we know about it.

When will it begin?

“Early October.” We’ll let you know when we have an exact release date.

UPDATE [10/02/15]: You’ll be able to pre-load the beta on PC beginning at 1AM PT on October 7. It will be available in the Origin store. The beta install will be 11GB on the PC, and 7GB on the PS4 and Xbox One.

What game modes will be available to try?

You’ll be able to jump into the “Walker Assault on Hoth” 40-player map (including the ability to play as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader), and the “Survival Mission on Tatooine” two-player co-op mode. Additionally, the beta will include a currently unrevealed mode called “Drop Zone.”

UPDATE [09/17/15]: EA has clarified that Drop Zone is a game mode that involves fighting over drop pods strewn throughout the map. The mode will be playable on Sullust during the beta. The beta test will also feature both offline and online play.

Finally, it’s not a game mode, but the beta will also feature the launch of the Battlefront Companion experience, an online base building minigame that will let you earn Credits to unlock things in core game. The Companion will be available as an app on iOS and Android, as well as online via

Will my progress carry over when the game is released?

No, this is a technical test, and no progress will be saved after the beta is over.

What platforms will it be on?

The beta will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

How do I get access?

EA has not revealed how to get beta access yet, but considering recent trends, I’d venture a guess that a pre-order is involved. We’ll keep you posted once we know more though.

UPDATE [09/17/15]: EA has announced that the beta will be open to everyone, no pre-ordering required. Hurray!

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