Diablo III Player Becomes the First to Hit Level 1000

The Diablo series has always had a pretty daunting amount of content, but the Paragon system in Diablo III puts everything else to shame. After reaching the level cap of 60 (which already takes a really long time), players are rewarded with “Paragon levels.” This “bonus” leveling system has no cap, effectively allowing you to grind forever, if you have the time and patience.

A player going by the name Gabynator apparently did, as he’s become the first player to reach level 1000. That’s a pretty impressive feat considering each level is exponentially harder to reach than the one before it, and just hitting the first 100 Paragon levels is designed to take a very long time.

This feat was accomplished the help of his guildmates, who each started Malthael boss runs on the hardest difficulty, allowing Gabynator to jump in, grab XP, then hop to the next one.

As of publishing, the next highest level player in Diablo III hasn’t even cracked level 980, so Gabynator’s competition has a lot of catching up to do.

They’ve got some time though, as reaching level 1001 will take as much XP as the first 244 levels combined. Wow.

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