11 Ideas Ubisoft Has for Far Cry 5

What do Africa, a tropical island, and the Himalayas have in common? Not a whole lot aside from being the settings of the last three Far Cry games. With that sort of globe-hopping (and let’s not forget the fact that the original Far Cry was a sci-fi game), and it’s no surprise that Ubisoft has a lot of flexibility in where to take the series next.

An alleged customer survey sent to Far Cry 4 players has revealed 11 of the company’s craziest ideas, including the Alaskan wilderness, space, and I shit you not, even weirder ideas involving dinosaurs and vampires.

The survey was first reported on by Eurogamer, although it’s worth prefacing this with the notion that these are just ideas being explored, at least 10 of them will not be the next Far Cry game after all. So don’t get too excited if you can, although I have to admit that an open world Far Cry game taking its cues from Jurassic Park is basically the best idea ever.

Here are the 11 ideas that were included on the survey, plus some random concept art I felt illustrated what that game might look and feel like:

1. A Far Cry game in remote Alaska about surviving extreme wilderness


[Art by Court Chu]

2. A Far Cry game in a futuristic, sci-fi setting on another planet


[Art by CCP]

3. A Far Cry game set in the Vietnam war during the 1960s


[Art by Activision]

4. A Far Cry game set in the cocaine trafficking jungles of Peru


[Art by Yohann Schepacz]

5. A Far Cry game where you can fight against or join vampires


6. A Far Cry game in the Spaghetti Western style set in the late 19th century Americas


[Art by Fatshark]

7. A Far Cry game that is set during a zombie outbreak


[Art by DanLuVisiArt]

8. Blood Dragon 2: A sequel to Blood Dragon with more Rex Power Colt


[Art by Ubisoft]

9. A Far Cry game set in a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic world


[Art by Warner Bros.]

10. A Far Cry game in the present day on a Jurassic Park style island of dinosaurs


[Art by chicagocubsfan24]

11. A Far Cry game based on the world of Shangri-La from Far Cry


[Art by Ubisoft]

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