Borderlands Movie FAQ: What Do We Know So Far?

Video game movies aren’t having a very good year so far, with both Pixels and the new Hitman bombing at the box office. Despite that, it sounds like another big franchise is heading to the big screen, with Variety revealing that a Borderlands movie has entered development.

We don’t know a lot about it yet, but we’ll be keeping this page updated as more information is uncovered.

Who’s in charge of the adaptation?

The Borderlands movie is being developed at Lionsgate, and produced by the father and son duo of Avi and Ari Arad.

Avi Arad is a particuarly interesting name, considering he founded Marvel Studios, and prior to the Disney buyout, had a hand in everything from Iron Man, to Spider-Man, and the original X-Men trilogy. He’s also currently working on adaptations of Mass EffectUnchartedinFAMOUS, and Metal Gear Solid, so clearly he has a strong interest in turning video games into movies.

Any cast or crew announced yet?

Aside from those two producers, we have no word on any cast or crew who might be involved. It will likely be a little while before we start hearing which directors and writers are circling the project, and a bit longer than that before any casting rumors.

Does it have a title yet?

Nope! As you can probably tell, it’s still in very, very early development.

Will it be a toned down version of Borderlands, or an R-rated one?

We won’t know that for sure until a script comes together, but Gearbox president Randy Pitchford thinks it will be a R-rated adaptation.

When is it coming out?

There’s no release date yet, we’ll update you here once we know more!

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