Is Hitman: Agent 47 a Sequel, Remake, or Reboot?

There’s a new Hitman movie out this weekend, so how does it connect to the previous one? 

Is Hitman: Agent 47 a sequel, a remake, or something else?

Despite inexplicably having the same screenwriter (Skip Woods, who also wrote X-Men: Origins), this new Hitman is not linked at all to the first one. The 2007 Hitman movie was originally planned as the first installment in a series, but the sequel was scrapped during production when producers realized that the film would likely flop.

So instead of a continuation, Hitman: Agent 47 is a full-on reboot, complete with a new origin story and actor for the titular Agent 47.

That being said, both films are still ostensibly adaptations of the same Hitman video game series, so I guess there is a common connection there.

Do I need to play the games then?

While Hitman: Agent 47 does take inspiration from the original video game series, especially in regards to the character’s look, it is not a direct adaptation of any game in particular, nor is it even remotely canon with that series’ storyline.

So basically, if you want to see Hitman: Agent 47 this weekend, you don’t need to see or play anything first. Just show up (although you should probably know in advance what you’re getting yourself into).

Will this Hitman start its own series?

Those involved with the film’s production haven’t really commented on the possibility of a sequel. When questioned about it, Zachary Quinto (who plays the villain), stated that it was too early to be discussing a followup, which indicates that serious talks about one haven’t begun yet. He added that it would be entirely dependent on whether or not the film makes a profit.

The very negative critical response to the film so far though does not bode well for its box office take though. Realistically, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. If we do see a followup to Agent 47, it will more than likely be a direct-to-video affair, the route that franchises like the The Scoprion King and Starship Troopers have gone down.

That being said, the movie does feature a mid-credits stinger scene that teases a major character from the video game series, so you never know…

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