Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 Might Happen After All

Remember that artwork Neill Blomkamp commissioned for a proposed Alien sequel? The ones that looked way to cool to be true? Well, it turns out that Fox was more receptive to the idea than we would’ve expected, and if we’re lucky, we might end up seeing what Blomkamp can do with the struggling series.

What Alien artwork are you talking about?

As a refresher, last month Neill Blomkamp posted a cryptic series of what seemed to be Alien-inspired concept art pieces to Instagram. They included some shots of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley, Hicks from Aliens, an the Engineers’ ship in a massive Weyland Yutani facility, and more. Captioning one of the posts he wrote, “Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though.”

He declined to elaborate any further on what exactly these were for though… until now.

What did he have to say?

In a strangely candid interview with Uproxx, Blomkamp revealed that once Chappie (his latest film) hit post-production, he was exploring his options on what he could do next. Apparently, he had been wanting to make an Alien sequel for a long time, so he commissioned the pieces while developing a proposal for Fox.

The batch he posted to Instagram wasn’t even all of it either, he added that he had a ton more created that he didn’t reveal online.

And what did Fox say about all this?

That’s the crazy part. You’d think that Fox would be hesitant to jump into an Alien sequel, especially given Prometheus‘s lukewarm reception. Surprisingly though, it sounds like the studio loved Blomkamp’s idea for the movie, and Fox is ready to make it “like, tomorrow.”

The big roadblock seems to be Blomkamp himself, who has to decide if he wants to dive into franchise filmmaking, or stick to creating more original stories. If he does decide to take the project though, it sounds like Fox is ready and willing, and frankly, Blomkamp could be the shot of live that series needs after a series of blunders.

In the meantime, the next installment in the franchise, Prometheus 2, is set to arrive on March 4, 2016.

Let’s see that concept art one more time.

Yes, let’s:


blomkamp-alien-art-2 blomkamp-alien-art-1

blomkamp-alien-art-3 blomkamp-alien-art-4 blomkamp-alien-art-5 blomkamp-alien-art-6 blomkamp-alien-art-7


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