BRPD – Hell On Earth : Black Flame #5

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I have had the most difficult time in trying to review this issue. Mainly because I just didn’t get a great feel from it.  

Firstly, the visuals and the colors are amazing and very well done.  The dialog it isn’t bad (but it’s not the greatest), and the story presented gave me this idea that there really was an epic danger presented by the Black Flame as Liz nearly cracks the world in half trying to stop his attempts to create a new human race.  But for all that, the final confrontation between the two is anti-climatic. The battle plays out rather slow with no real conclusion other than a revelation by Liz.

The_Reign_of_the_Black_Flame_5Here is thesituation: the teams are trapped trying to get to the extraction point and off the island.  Honestly, much of the comic is dialog and scenes of the teams converging together and trying to escape and the only action you get is a brief set of panels involving Liz and Black Flame duking it out.  Liz seems to have the upper hand at one point,  but the Black Flame pulls out his trump card that turns the tide of battle. Yet, after that revelation, it jumps to the end of the story, where there isn’t much left to go on. Part of the team is left in the infirmary while the other group just kinda moves on to the next assignment.

While the confrontation is happening, Abe Sapien is missing.  It doesn’t seem like that’s really an issue,  as there is not really any mention of his disappearance.   The whole story just kind of ends and it makes an attempt at a resolution.  It shows some aftermath for the characters, but you’re left feeling like nothing has been resolved.  In the end, I would say to end a 5 part arc in such a lackluster way is very disappointing.

All in all, I would give this issue probably a 3 out of 5. The art was amazing with great colors and an awesome layout, but the story itself simply lacked drive.  It didn’t fulfill what it was building up to.

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