Can We Take a Second to Appreciate How Awesome Jurassic World’s Viral Marketing Was?

Jurassic World is out tonight, and no matter how it turns out, we’ll always have its awesome promotional campaign to remember it by.

For the film itself, the Jurassic World tean went all out building the park, creating elaborate practical sets for many of the guest and personnel facilities (including fully-furnished gift shops stocked with actual merchandise).

jurassic world gift shop

That attention to detail extended into the movie’s marketing as well, with impressively functional websites for both the Masrani Corporation, the company that owns Jurassic World, as well as the park itself. And by “functional,” I mean, “holy crap did they go all out.”

Here’s the landing page for the Jurassic World site. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that it looks way better than most websites for actual theme parks.

jurassic world website

That’s not just for appearances either, almost all of that is functional, like this interactive map of the park:

jurassic world interactive map

Those links lead to individual pages for each of the attractions, many of which are decked out with even more elaborate photography. I mean, check out the work that went into creating these mock-ups of the park’s “Main Street.”

jurassic world gift shop 2jurassic world margaritaville jurassic world main streetjurassic world imaxjurassic world ben and jerrys

Or the “T-Rex Kingdom”

tyrannosaurus-rex-kingdom-sign stuffed-animals

Or the Gyrospheres:

gyrosphere-sign gyrosphere-map

Or any number of the other amazing looking attractions (bonus brownie points for all of the ones that didn’t re-use images from the trailers):

cruise-kayakers-large aviary-entrancepetting-zoo-signgirl-with-cupdino-foodkids-dino-masks

Special recognition has to go to the “Innovation Center,” an activity area of sorts that looks like it was plucked right out of Disney World.

innovation-center-sign innovation-interior kids-digging hammond-statue kids-touching-screen group-video-screens holding-hands girl-in-front-of-display video-displays

Wow, right?

The worldbuilding here is pretty staggering, and it doesn’t stop at just the theme park itself. The promotional campaign went way beyond the park’s attractions, mapping out Jurassic World’s entire business model, including travel, lodgings, food, and even a night club, golf course, water park, and movie theater.

monorail-sign-widelifesaverferry jurassic worldmike-and-ikewinstonsjurassic world winstonsaquatic-park-sign girls-inner-tubescolorful-plants golf-green

A lot of it is product placement, but in this case, it only makes it feel more real; like this promo spot for the Hilton hotel on the island:

The work that went into building out the hotel section in particular deserves a spotlight. Just take a second to appreciate how much detail went into everything, from the lobby to the rooms themselves.

hilton-sign hilton-honors welcome-sign hilton-welcome-mat hilton-greeters hilton-family hilton-mom-two-sons hilton-lobbyhilton-fossil hilton-couch hilton-tv hilton-artwork

Daaang, right?

A ton of work also went into creating the look of the “behind-the-scenes” stuff, such as this promo highlighting InGen’s genetic research (and featuring B.D. Wong as Dr. Henry Wu):

Or this walkthrough of the public viewing section of the labs:

Or this elaborate making-of documentary short for the Gyropsheres:

Outside of Jurassic World itself, the Masrani Global Corporation website is packed with its own share of worldbuilding. Take this wonderfully corporate sizzle reel:

One on Simon Masrani himself:

And another on the guy in charge of Jurassic World’s security:

That’s not even all of it, there’s a ton more to explore on the two sites (a “live” park cam, and pages for every single one of the park’s dinosaur species is a particular treat), plus a few more easter eggs scattered across the internet:

ian malcom book jurassic world

All-in-all, it’s just some incredible worldbuilding, and arguably the best viral marketing campaign I’ve ever seen for a movie. It’s a pretty seamless melding of the film’s universe and ours, and it manages to both build some hype for the movie, while also telling its own story. Major props to whoever designed this experience. You have me ready to buy some tickets.

jurassic world tickets 1

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