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So on a normal Saturday (which is one FULL of Netflix and Titanfall) I stumbled upon a series called ‘Continuum’ and I felt compelled to immerse myself into the first episode of the 10 episode series. I must admit, I hd my doubts about it whilst reading the synopsis for the entirety of the series, but I was instantly enthralled in the plot of the series and was literally forced, by my own self, to watch of the rest of the series on pretty much the same day. I was instantly hooked, and boy is it good.

The plot to it is thick with interesting aspects, some of the acting leaves some room for improvement (but it has gotten a lot better since the start) and even though the episodes go off onto small tangents at time, the detailed plot line throughout the programme continues to shine through and everything attaches itself to it at the end of each entertainment rich episode.

It’s not confusing at all, as long as you concentrate hard enough on it, and nothing (unlike some other series’) contradicts itself. Simon Barry (who writes and produces the programme) expertly intertwines the tangents into the original plot line which makes each episode grip you from the beginning, and won’t let go until the end; even then you’ll want more.

Personally, I’ve just finished season two of the series in about 5 days (which is 23 episodes, 45 minutes[approx] each). I’m hooked, and I’d love to talk to anybody about it if anybody watches it! None of my friends have I convinced to watch it.

Oh yeah, It’s also the best Canadian show I’ve probably watched (though I do think it is the only Canadian show i’ve ever watched).

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