Deadpool Adds Two More X-Men Characters to the Mix

We’ve been hearing about a possible Deadpool movie for over a half decade now, so it still feels a little surreal that it’ll be hitting theaters in under a year. Making it a bit more tangible is this recent bit of casting news, part of which will tie the upcoming film into the larger X-Men movie-verse.

So who’s in it?

Aside from Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, THR reports that both Angel Dust and Colossus will be featured in the movie.

Who’s Angel Dust?

In the comics, Angel Dust is a member of the Morlocks, a group of (often violent) mutants who live in a network of abandoned tunnels beneath New York City. Her mutant power is the ability to increase her adrenaline, giving her superhuman strength and speed for short bursts.


In Deadpool, she’ll be played by former MMA champ and rising action star Gina Carano.

That name sounds familiar, where have I seen her before?

Unless you’re a fight fan, you probably saw her in either Haywire or Fast & Furious 6. In both cases, her character basically boiled down to “violent badass,” so it sounds like she’s a perfect fit to play Angel Dust.


How about Colossus?

As for Colossus, we don’t have confirmation on who will play him, but it really wouldn’t make sense to have anyone but Daniel Cudmore in the role. Cudmore has portrayed the character in X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Days of Future Past; so frankly, anyone else in the role is going to feel a little weird.


It’s definitely interesting that he’ll be in the movie at all though, and might indicate that Deadpool will have a bigger role in the X-Men movie universe than we previously thought.

So when is this movie coming out again?

February 2016, get hype!

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