Destiny: What is the Eververse Trading Company?

Destiny dev Bungie has filed three mysterious new trademarks.

Earlier today, NeoGaf discovered patents filed by the company for something called “Eververse,” the “Eververse Trading Co.,” and one for an Eververse logo.

What do we know about this Eververse?

Like most trademarks of this nature, the description is purposefully vague, and only mention its use for video games and other entertainment mediums.

However, many fans are speculating that it could be related to Bungie’s plans for item trading in Destiny. Before Destiny launched last year, Bungie’s Tyson Greene told IGN that the studio was considering allowing players to trade items with each other at some point in the future. The Eververse Trading Co. might just be that system.

destiny eververse logo

We also know that Destiny will be getting another expansion, possibly called The Taken King, so it’s very possible that this could tie into that DLC.

Either way, Destiny will likely be present in some form at E3 this year, so we should hopefully find out a little more then.

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