Next Destiny Expansion is Almost Definitely The Taken King, Might Be Announced at E3

At the beginning of May, we discussed the idea that the next Destiny expansion might be called The Taken King. Information surfaced that Bungie had trademarked the name to be used for something related to Destiny. This is similar to the news we’re hearing now about the Eververse Trading Company.

A Red Bull promo pack for the new expansion has shown up in the wild a little early. This could mean that The Taken King is going to be officially revealed at E3, which makes sense.

Where are the Promo Images?

Redbull The Taken King promo image 1

As you can see from the first image, Red Bull is doing something similar to what Pepsi did with Mountain Dew products in the past for Call of Duty games. Select Red Bull packages will apparently come with a promo code that allows players to earn extra XP — and possibly loot — in the upcoming Destiny expansion. You can even see The Taken King logo right on the box.

Red Bull The Taken King promo image 2

The next image reveals the same information about a promotional code but features FLAMESWORD — who is actually a professional gamer.

We first caught this information on Reddit, thanks to user azulaalwayzliez.

As always, we’ll keep you updated with more information as it’s available.

What Is the Taken King?

Prison of Elders Destiny House of Wolves

If the rumors are true, The Taken King is said to be a bigger expansion than we’re used to and it’s going to drop possibly in September. Rumors state that it will be adding something like 12 new story missions, four new Strikes, a new Raid, a host of additional PvP content, and a brand new location.

Let’s hope so, because it’s about damn time the game got a fresh batch of content. The House of Wolves expansion was much needed, but Destiny content can still be a bit barren and repetitive at times.

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