How Much Will LEGO Dimensions Expansion Packs Cost?

We’re starting to hear more and more about what series and characters will appear in Lego Dimensions, Lego’s answer to the toy-and-gaming mashup genre a la Skylanders or Disney Infinity. A lot of the news is promising, but one question still remains: How much will the Lego Dimensions expansion packs cost, exactly?

What Is Lego Dimensions?

Batman and Back to the Future Lego Dimensions

We’ve covered this already, so this time I’m just going to offer a quick description.

Assuming it’s a lot like Skylanders or Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions will allow you to build and create Lego themed worlds and then interact with characters within them. If that description seems broad to you, it’s because it is. Disney Infinity players can do nearly anything they want when in the game world, thanks to the unique Toy Box mode that favors full customization, personalization and exploration. It’s not a stretch to assume Lego Dimensions will feature similar mechanics and gameplay.

In other words, you’ll be able to take the sets you collect and mix characters from a variety of universes in the game world. Imagine Portal’s Chell fighting alongside Krusty the Clown (Simpsons) and Unikitty from The LEGO Movie.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

But, How Much Will It Cost?

Portal 2 and Doctor Who Lego Dimensions sets

Like the other games — Skylanders, Infinity, etc. — Lego Dimensions uses a similar structure so we’ll have the option to purchase starter packs, alongside additional expansion kits. The Back to the Future, Portal 2 and Doctor Who Lego sets we talked about previously are just a few examples of the expansion sets that will be available.

The starter pack will be $100, and will include everything you need to get started. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to purchase any additional sets. The expansion packs — of which there will be 17 available at launch — will cost about $15-20 a piece. All told, if you wanted to purchase everything for Lego Dimensions including all expansion packs and the starter kit it would cost about $360.

Keep in mind, these prices are not set in stone and may change before launch. The estimated total will also change as Lego releases more expansion packs for the game.

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